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Track Meet Results and this week

Track Parents-

We had a great start to the season with our first meet on Saturday. 144 athletes competed, the most ever in the history of the program. We were able to finish the last event at 11:02, which was a testament to the efficiency and dedication of our parent volunteers and coaches. Thank you to everyone who took their turn in everything from timing to measuring to data entry. It takes a village to put on a track meet. BTW, HOLD onto your bib--you will need it all season.

The results are posted on the website, Go to the section "Results" and the subsection "2018 Track Results." Note there are two sections to the document--running events are at the beginning and field events are at the end.

Practice this Week.

This week we will be practicing at the Longmeadow High School track on Tuesday and Thursday, 5-6 pm. The kids will get a chance to try out hurdles and our brand new event, turbo javelin (not the metal spear--it's plastic with a rubber tip). There are no track meets or regular practices during April break. Our next meet will be April 28.

Groups 3 and 4 Distance Runners.

I will be offering optional practices for Groups 3 and 4 distance runners during break, and after break, there will be another practice during the week on Mondays, in addition to our regular Tuesday and Thursday practices. This will allow our older runners who need (and can handle) extra mileage to build their stamina.

Ribbon Volunteers. We need a few more volunteers to fill out the back of the ribbons we are going to give out for this first meet and our subsequent meet. Please email me if you can help. You can do this in lieu of timing at one of our meets.

Administrative Matters.

We will be cleaning up our distribution lists this week to make sure everyone who wants to get notice is getting our emails. It is an administrative challenge to allow registration up to the very beginning of the program (and even a few this week) while we are putting on a meet in the first week. Thank you for your patience in this.

There are some kids who need shirts and singlets, and we are ordering more. This is due to the unprecedented enrollment (190) and our desire not to turn anyone away. Everyone will get a full set. If you need to exchange a T-shirt or singlet, Kerrin Morrin will be around to do exchanges. Please have your child try on the singlet to make sure it fits.


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