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The first workout of the season is Tuesday, March 31.

As you will see below, workouts are structured for Groups 1 through 4.  Your child has been assigned to a group based on his or her age, as follows:


Group 1 (born 2012-13)

Group 2 (born 2010-11)

Group 3 (born 2008-09)

Group 4 (born 2005-07)


We will keep these workouts simple, as a way to introduce your kids to the track and field program and encourage general fitness.  Don’t worry about exact distances.  If you have a block that your child can run around that seems like a good distance, use it. 

As you will find, they are based off of 100m and are easy to scale up.  If using the track is not an easy option, use whatever space you have. 100m is typically just shy of 3 telephone poles.


As a general rule for the repeat distances, have your child run the length, walk back and repeat.  As their fitness grows, they may choose to run the length, jog back and repeat.


We are here to support you with questions or concerns, so please feel free to reach out and, most importantly, have fun! 



Groups 1 & 2:  Jog 1/2 mile.

Groups 3 & 4:  Jog 1/2-3/4 mile.


Groups 1 & 2:  Run 100m 5 times. 

Groups 3 & 4:  Run 100m 6 times. 


Standing Long Jump.  Find a spot in your yard and jump from a standing position.  Mark out the distance and repeat 3 times, trying to increase the distance each time.

For Group 3&4 Distance runners:

Run at easy pace 2-4 miles as you are able.  Then do standing long jump and stretching.


Cool Down & Stretching.


All groups jog 1/2 mile and stretch for 5 to 10 minutes.  Hold each stretch for 30 seconds, stretching far enough that your child can feel the stretch but it does not hurt.  See video for more information about stretching.







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