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Sign-up for Saturday's April 10 meet is open through a Google form here.  Sign-up closes Wednesday, April 7 at 6 pm.

Don't forget your running logs--here is a template:

Link to article on how to sign up individuals for a track meet.Link to Coach Grant's video explaining how to sign up for the April 9 meet on to Coach Grant's short video on attaching your athlete to Longmeadow Parks and Rec in and why it's OK to be unattachedIf you haven't created an account yet, here is the Link for instructions to set up an account.  Team code for Longmeadow Parks & Rec outdoor season: 6D9WJUQUVMarch 21 Parent Info. Session Recording is here.

Measured distances around town:

Center School:  100m, 200m, 400m

Lawrence Drive (starting at intersection with Blueberry Hill Road):  100m, 200m, 400m


Westmoreland Ave-->Farmington Ave (along Longmeadow Street sidewalk):  400m

40-yard dash

Nicholas Deangelis-Gray

Gabriella Deanglelis-Gray

Emilie Budri

Molly King

Grace Gile

Grace Cherichetti

Nate Narotsky

Burleigh Grant

Ada Grant

Wall Sit

Nicholas Deangelis-Gray*

Gabriella Deanglelis-Gray*

Cecelia Allentuck*

Tarin Cass*

Anja Berke*

Molly King*

Isabella Dupere

Addison Bacon*

Grace Cherichetti*

Nate Narotsky*

Elly Narotsky*

Ada Grant

Noah Eaton*

Madelyn Mennella*

*Gold medal standard

Our Saturday morning 2K races this year will be different this year:


1.  We will have two races to keep our gatherings to less than 50.  The first race will be the elementary runners at 8:30 and the middle school runners at 9:00 am.  We will begin promptly at 8:30.

2.  One parent/spectator per child allowed and parents/spectators must maintain 6 feet distance or wear masks. Spectators cannot be with their children at the start.

3.  The races will start in the corner of Bliss Park that leads to the trails in the woods.  The finish will be near the Laurel Street parking lot. 

4.  The races will be run in waves with 3 minute intervals.  For elementary, it will go:  5th grade, then 4th grade, then 2nd/3rd grade.  For middle school, it will go 8th grade, then 7th grade, then 6th grade.

5.  If middle school runners arrive before the elementary school race is done, please stay in your cars.

6.  Only athletes registered with the program can run.

7.  Athletes must wear their mask prior to the race and after.  Same rule as in practice:  mask must be on unless actively running.

8.  Runners must maintain 6 feet distance while passing.

9.  After the race is over please head out and we will announce results on the website later on Saturday or Sunday.

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