Practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5-6 pm

During Tuesday practices, the children will be in one of four age groups:  Group 1 (7-8), Group 2 (9-10), Group 3 (11-12), and Group 4 (13-14).  During the Tuesday practices, each child will be exposed to all of the running and field events we offer. 

During many of our Thursday practices, athletes will concentrate on their chosen events.  We will break into groups for distance runners (1600m, 800m), middle distance (400m), sprints (100m, 200m), hurdles, shot put & turbo javelin, long jump, and high jump.

Internal Track Meets and Outside Competitions on Saturdays, 8:30-10:30 am

On Saturdays, we will have intra-program track meets and competitions against other programs.  For our internal track meets, each participant will be assigned to one of three teams, Red, Blue, and Green.  At these meets, each child will earn one point for his/her team by being present and doing at least one event.  A child earning 1st place in an event will earn 5 points for his/her team, 2nd place will earn 3 points, 3rd place will earn 2 points, and 4th place will earn 1 point.  The team earning the most points will win the track meet.


The times and distances at the track meets will be recorded, and parents can track their child’s progress during the season.  The children will earn ribbons for beating personal bests in their events.  At the meets, children will compete against other children in their age group and gender. 

How Age Groups are Determined

The age group to which your child has been assigned is based on your child’s age as of December 31, 2019.  This is how USATF, the national governing body for track and field, determines ages groups for junior olympic competitions.  

Your Child's Two Uniforms


Each athlete will be issued a colored T-shirt corresponding to his/her assigned team.  These will be worn during our intra-program competitions.  Your child will also be given a white singlet to be worn when we compete against other programs.


To keep the track meets running smoothly, it is important for the child to wear the assigned T-shirt corresponding to the color of his/her team, as well as the bib number that the child will have throughout the season.  If the T-shirt becomes lost, please have the child wear another T-shirt of the same color.  If the bib number becomes lost, you can write the child’s number prominently on the front of a piece of paper and use safety pins to secure the number to the front of the T-shirt.  The bib number always goes on the front. 

Signing up for Events at Track Meets

            It is essential that we have pre-printed lists of the athletes who will compete in the various events at the Saturday meets.  We will have an online sign-up system that we will need you to use to identify which events you want your child to participate in at each meet.


Water Bottles and Sunscreen


            Please make sure your child has a water bottle and wears sunscreen before coming to a practice or a meet.  Children and adults cannot run without being properly hydrated.


Parent Responsibilities at Track Meets


            At each track meet, we will need parents to be timers and to fill similar roles.  A parent for each child will be expected to help out at one meet during the season.  Parents who wish to be involved on a more consistent basis at either the meets and/or practices should see Alex Grant.  If you need to switch out of the week that has been assigned to you, we will leave it to you to contact another parent on the list to switch weeks and to make sure your assignment has been covered.