Our last meet of the season is the USA Track and Field (USATF) Junior Olympic meet on November 17 in Smithfield, RI.  This meet is optional, and in the past, some but not all of our runners have participated in the USATF meet.  Unlike our other meets, you will need to sign your child up for this meet. 

The USATF meet brings together runners from MA, RI, NH, and VT.  Junior Olympic athletes compete in age groups.  The age groups (7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14) are determined by the child's age as of December 31, 2019. 

Here is the link for information about the USATF meet:

https://newengland.usatf.org/Events/2019/2019-USATF-New-England-Junior-Olympic-Cross-Countr.aspx and the information sheet is also attached.


In past years, kids from the track and XC programs have run in the USATF meet, and some have qualified for the regional USATF meet, which includes the six New England states and New York.  I will be frank in saying that the competition is keen at this meet, but it is a great opportunity to run a personal best against talented competition and to be part of a professional meet with running clubs from four of the six New England states.


Participating in this meet requires advance sign-up and becoming a member of USATF, if your child is not already a USATF member.  November 13 is the deadline for signing up for the meet and you have to become a USATF member first.  There are 3 steps:

1.  Make your child a member of USATF, if he or she is not already a member.  It is $20 for the year, and it also allows your child to participate in 2020 USATF track and XC meets if you become a member on November 1 or after. Here is the link for USATF membership:


2.  Once your child is a USATF member (you will get instant email confirmation once you register online), verify your child's age by sending a copy of your child's birth certificate to: office@usatfne.org or fax to 617-939-0992.  USATF says age verification must be done by November 12.

3.  Register your child for the Smithfield meet on Athletic.net.  Your child will be deemed "unattached" because LPRD is not signed up as an official USATF club. Here is the link to Athletic.net: