Race Results and this week

We had a beautiful fall morning to run our 2K race and the results are attached. Wayland XC Festival This coming Sunday, October 7 is the Wayland XC festival and I need to send in the roster Monday. If you have not told me you are coming, please email me back and get me the signed waiver on Tuesday. Parks and Rec is paying the entry fee. If your child needs a ride, let Cari or me know and we'll find a spot for your child. Practices We will have practice on Tuesday and Thursday as usual. No 2K race on Saturday because we are racing in Wayland on Sunday. Thursday's practice will be at Forest Park for Middle Schoolers so we can practice hills. We will meet at the Park Drive entrance (attac

Longmeadow Cross Country Mile this Saturday

The 3rd of our 4 Cross Country Mile races will be this Saturday at 9 am at the Wolf Swamp fields. It is open to adults and kids, and the price is just $1 unless your child is in the cross country program, in which case, it is free. Arrive at 8:45 to sign up.

NEED Response--XC Saturday and next week

XC Parents- First, a reminder we are having a practice, not our 2K race on Saturday (9/22), from 9 am to 10 am. Second, the middle school meet at Suffield has been moved to next Wednesday, 9/26. Same drill as before with the bus. Pick up at Birchland Park, Glenbrook, and Williams right after school and return to those same schools approximately 6:00-6:30 pm. I'll email the group once we leave Suffield to give you a better idea of the time. Middle School Parents--PLEASE email me back, one way or the other, on whether your child will be running and will be on the bus. I need an accurate list of who is going. Third, next week we will have regular practices next week on Tuesday and Thursday,

Cross Country Update--Meet and Practice Canceled

The middle school meet in Suffield has been cancelled for today, and we are looking to re-schedule for Wednesday, Sept. 26. More details to follow on that. Practice is canceled for elementary and middle schoolers due to the condition of the fields. See everyone Thursday!

Longmeadow Cross Country Mile This Saturday

The second of the four Longmeadow Cross Country Mile races is this Saturday, September 15 at 9 am at the Wolf Swamp fields. Adults and children are welcome. Arrive at 8:45 am to sign the waiver and pay the low, low fee of $1 (free if your child is in the XC program). The third and fourth races dates are September 29 and October 13.

Middle School Meet 9/18--NEED response

I am happy to announce that Parks and Rec is providing us a bus to pick up our middle schoolers right after school on Tuesday, 9/18 to take us to Suffield Middle School where we will run with Suffield and Stafford in separate boys and girls races. The meet at Suffield is at 4 pm. Elementary kids will have regular practice with Cari at the Wolf Swamp fields. The bus will first pick up our athletes at Birchland Park at around 2:20. The bus will then go to Glenbrook Middle School for the 2:50 dismissal. The bus will make a last pick-up at Williams Middle School at approximately 3:00. The bus is "Five Star" Bus. After the meet, the bus will return the kids back to the schools in reverse ord

Results and Cross Country this week

The results for this Saturday's race are posted on the website. I thought it was a good start, and I think our kids will see some great improvement over the course of the season. We will be practicing Tuesday and Thursday 5-6 pm at the Wolf Swamp fields, and our next 2K race will be on Saturday at 9 am. We will be working on building up their distance and their endurance this week and next. This is the "base" phase of training where getting time on their feet is more important than increasing their pace. The kids will be finding the pace they can maintain during their runs and we will be doing strength training that will also increase their stamina. Also, our first middle school meet vs.

Cross Country Thursday and Saturday

Cross Country parents- We are planning to have practice tomorrow (Thursday) unless there are thunderstorms. I will send an email in the afternoon if we are cancelling. Otherwise we are on. Like we did on Tuesday, it will be a light workout with plenty of time for rest and hydrating, in recognition of the heat. This will also give us time to work on strengthening and stretching. Everyone should bring a quart of water. Saturday is our first 2K race of the season at the Wolf Swamp fields. Parents, siblings, friends can all run, but they need to arrive at 8:45 am to sign the waiver and the $1 fee. No fee for kids in the program. The race starts promptly at 9 am. The weather looks to be e

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