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Virtual Track Meet Instructions

This weekend's virtual track meet will feature the 100m, 200m, 400m, and the standing long jump. Longer distances will be offered in subsequent meets. The athletes have been assigned to one of three teams, Blue, Green, and Red, and they have been placed in groups according to year of birth. The roster is on the home page.

The kids will run their events, with parents timing or measuring their performances. (Measure standing long jump from the heel of the foot farthest back). Parents will then input the times or distances on the form on the home page. The input form will be open from Friday to Sunday at 3 pm.

If you run at the LHS track (or another track), take care to strictly adhere to social distancing requirements. We cannot congregate at the track at the same time. If you want to run in your neighborhood, parents will need to measure out the distances. On the home page of the website are a couple of places in town which have been measured out already.

The meet will be scored and the results published on the website. Athletes will compete according to group and gender. Each athlete turning in at least one performance will score one point for his/her team. First place in each race will earn 5 points, 2nd place will earn 3 points, 3rd points will earn 2 points, and 4th place will earn one point.

As we have done in past years, the winning team will earn the right to place a blue, green, or red ribbon around the trophy, which will be displayed on the website next week.

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