March 31 Track Workout

Track parents- The first workout of the season is Tuesday, March 31. We have prepared two videos, one introducing three of our coaches (other intro videos to follow), and one explaining and demonstrating the workout. You can find the videos at our website, or on Youtube: (Coaches Intro) (March 31 workout) As you will see below, workouts are structured for Groups 1 through 4. Your child has been assigned to a group based on his or her age, as follows: Group 1 (born 2012-13) Group 2 (born 2010-11) Group 3 (born 2008-09) Group 4 (born 2005-07) We will keep these workouts simple as a way to introduce your kids to th

Virtual Track Program Starts Next Week!

Track parents- To begin the season, we will be having virtual track practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays and virtual track meets on the weekends. The goal is to mimic the regular track program as much as possible while adhering to the stay-at-home/social distancing guidelines that will lessen the spread of the coronavirus. We hope this will give the kids a ray of hope as we go through this difficult time, while enhancing their fitness and love for the sport. The events will be limited to running events (100m to 1600m) and the standing long jump. These should be done on their own (or with a parent or sibling) and can be done within their own yard and their neighborhood. The website, longmea

Spring Track Introduction

Track parents: While our regular track calendar calls for practice to begin on March 31 and our first meet to be held on April 4, the cancellation of in-person instruction in Longmeadow schools for the next two weeks and the countless other restrictions on public gatherings obviously call into question whether track season will begin as planned. At this point, we have been given no directives on youth sports or about the track program. We will continue to monitor developments and will pass on information affecting the track program as we learn it. The usual parents meeting we conduct prior to the season will not take place given the restrictions on public gatherings. All information will

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