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Virtual Track Program Starts Next Week!

Track parents-

To begin the season, we will be having virtual track practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays and virtual track meets on the weekends. The goal is to mimic the regular track program as much as possible while adhering to the stay-at-home/social distancing guidelines that will lessen the spread of the coronavirus. We hope this will give the kids a ray of hope as we go through this difficult time, while enhancing their fitness and love for the sport.

The events will be limited to running events (100m to 1600m) and the standing long jump. These should be done on their own (or with a parent or sibling) and can be done within their own yard and their neighborhood.

The website,, will be a key resource. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, the workout for that day will be posted. We will also record short videos for the kids to watch that will be the equivalent of the start of our regular practices. In the video, we will talk about the workout, its purpose, and how to do it. We will make announcements and give some specific instruction on technique and strategy. The links to the videos will be on the website.

As was true for our in-person practices in years past, there will be separate workouts for each age group, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14. Distance runners in the older groups will be given a separate workout.

For the weekend virtual track meets, we will post the events for the track meet. The children will then run, for example, the 100m on the sidewalk in front of their house if parents want to measure it out. A parent or sibling will need to time or measure the performance. If you choose to run at the LHS track or another track, please do so individually and not in groups, and maintain strict adherence to the distancing measures ordered by the governor. Parents will then go to the website to enter the time/distance of the events their children participated in. Performances must be entered by Sunday night. With that information, we will publish the results of the virtual meet on the website.


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