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Track parents-

Some important information:

1. Practice starts this week Tuesday (4/3) and Thursday (4/5) at LHS.

2. Please sign-up for Saturday's meet (April 7) on the website, It takes about 30 seconds to type in your child's name and click on the events your child wants to do. DEADLINE is Wednesday, April 4 at 5 pm. We need that lead time in order to set up the heat sheets and to organize the meet--and to avoid our beleaguered volunteers from staying up until 2 am on Friday.

3. Volunteer commitment. The parent duty sheet is posted on the website. Everyone is assigned to do timing (or a similar job) at one meet, except the folks who have volunteered to coach or to do more than one meet. If the assigned week does not work for you, you will need to swap weeks with somebody else--that is why we have listed everyone's email address. Please email Cari Narotsky at with changes.

If you did not notice the volunteer commitment when you signed up, or you do not want to / cannot fulfill it due to other commitments, you may withdraw your child now with a full refund. We have had an issue with this volunteer commitment on the part of a few parents in the past, and to make sure it is fair for everybody, I should tell you that you will not be able to register your child next year if you do not fulfill your volunteer commitment this year.

Here's the good news. First, most people enjoy doing their bit for the program. Second, we are using our teenage coaches this year to help run the meets, and we have some parents who have stepped up for multiple duties. We are hoping to be more efficient in running the meets with more people having set roles. SO, we might only need you for part of your assigned meet, or you might get an email the day before letting you off the hook entirely. Having said that, you need to plan to be at your assigned meet, or switch with another parent. Please respond to Cari when she reaches out to you the week of your assigned meet.

4. Ribbon volunteers. We will be handing out 1st through 4th place ribbons, and improvement ribbons from our meets. Please email me if you can help out with this. It is really light work, and some parents have done them while they sit in the stands at our practice. And it would save poor Kerrin Morrin and Cari Narotsky from doing it all themselves.

5. Age groups. At our practice on Tuesday, we will break into age groups. Our meets will be based on age groups. Age groups will be based on birth year, as follows:

Group 1: 2010-11

Group 2: 2008-09

Group 3: 2006-07

Group 4: 2003-05

6. Uniforms & Bib Numbers. We will be handing these out at practice on Tuesday. Keep your bib number. You will be using at all season.


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