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Important Suffield Meet Updates--Please Read

Middle School parents-

First, the meet is at Suffield High School, not the middle school: 1060 Sheldon St, West Suffield, CT.

Second, the order of events will be the same as the handout I gave to the kids in practice. I am attaching the handout for your convenience. When the event is called that they want to do, they just need to report to the start line. There is no advance event sign-ups the way we do at our meets.

Third, remember to get on the bus ready to run with the white singlet and shorts. You can't have just the singlet on at school. Either wear a T-shirt under the singlet, or have a T-shirt over the singlet while at school.

Fourth, the relays are going to be toward the end of the meet, and our relay members are as follows, but everyone else should be prepared to step in if we need them:

4x100 girls: Kelly, Neveu, Mennella, Cowley (Santos is first alternate)

4x400 girls: Grant, Kelly, Baker, Luo (Erinna is first alternate)

4x100 boys: Setsafoia, Chiz, Bouvier, Vonhamme (Doben and Mathews are 1st and 2nd alternates)

4x400 boys: Bouvier, Morrin, Vonhamme, DeAnglis-Gray (Werder and McFarland are 1st and 2nd alternates.

We will not be fielding teams if they run the 4 x 800 relay.

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