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Running over April break

Track parents-

Our next regular practice will be April 24, after the school break, but I will be holding practices next Tuesday (4/17) and Thursday (4/19) 5-6pm for Groups 3 and 4 distance runners only. Because of a high school track meet, Tuesday's practice will be at the Wolf Swamp fields. Thursday's will be back at the Longmeadow track.

For everyone else, I would encourage your kids to run on their own, up to 3-4 times over the course of the week. The great thing about this sport is that your running route is as close as the sidewalk in front of your house. Easy jogging, at whatever pace they can maintain, for 1-2 miles is very beneficial at this stage of the season. If they want to mix in a little speed, by alternating short or medium bursts in between jogging intervals, they can do that as well. This is known as fartlek and is the next stage after base training. There is no need to time the sprints or even to measure the sprint distances.

Finally, Parks and Rec has sent out an email for an online store with Longmeadow track swag. The deadline for ordering is April 17 and here is the link if you did not get the email. Parks and Rec gets a percentage and the director has told me that the money will go into the track program.


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