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Last Call for Sign-ups and tomorrow's practice

Track parents-

The deadline for signing up for this Saturday's meet with Wilbraham is today (Wednesday) at 5pm. Go to the website,, and choose the Longmeadow Team form (not Wilbraham's). The kids will be wearing their white singlets and bib numbers and it should be a blast.

Reminder that tomorrow's track practice will be at the LHS track. It will be very hot--be sure your child has a full quart of water.

Finally, a reminder the parent duty schedule has been on the website all season--it is one of the prominent tabs at the top of the home page. Everybody checked a box about the volunteer commitment when they registered and we offered in an earlier email to refund anybody's fee if they did not fully realize they would be helping out at one of our meets and wanted to withdraw from the program. Everybody taking their turn at the meets is what allows us to do the meets. Please respond to Cari's email when she checks in with you during the week of your volunteer week. Thanks again!


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