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Bloomfield tomorrow

Track parents-

Those of you who signed up for the Bloomfield meet on website have been entered in the meet tomorrow Just a few practical tips:

1. Review the information on the website,, about the order of events, directions, and other information about the meet under the "Bloomfield Meet" tab.

2. You will get new bib numbers--don't bring your Longmeadow track bib numbers. Cari, Doug Morrin, and I will be there early to get our bib numbers from the meet organizers and we will hand them out when you arrive. Come to our tent when you arrive.

3. We will have our tent set up, and Doug is bringing another tent. If anybody else can bring a tent, that would help--let me know.

4. Which brings us to the weather. The forecast is for intermittent rain and temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s. Not unusual to have track meets or cross-country meets in the rain. We will have the tents set up so we can get out of the rain while waiting for their events. I recommend bringing rain coats and an extra set of dry clothes and dry shoes.

5. While running, the kids should wear their white Longmeadow track singlet. If they want to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath, that's good. If I were running, I would wear shorts and the singlet and maybe a dri-fit T-shirt underneath while running. While I was waiting I would want to have a rain coat and possibly rain pants and take them off shortly before my event. Another great idea is a winter cap and/or gloves you can take on and off as needed.

6. Snacks, water, and lunch. As I indicated before, the meet will last most of the day, and while some of you have only signed up for the earlier events, athletes who are entered in later events will probably want to snack and may even want to eat a light lunch, depending on their schedule. As always, the kids should have a full quart of water.

7. Remember the $5 spectator fee.


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