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This Week's Races, Practices, and Extra Monday Session

Track parents-

It is time to lace up your OWN shoes. This Saturday, May 26, we will be at the Wolf Swamp fields at 8:30 am for our cross country races. There will be two races. One race, a 1K (1000 meters), will be for Group 1 only. The 2K race (2000 meters or 1.24 mi.) will be for everyone else, including parents and siblings. No sign-ups for this one. Just show up with your color T-shirt.

This is a prelude to our final home meet, June 9, where parents and siblings may also run select events. More information to come.

The Monday Extra Session (5/21) will be for Groups 3 and 4 throwers and distance runners at the Wolf Swamp fields, 5-6 pm.

Tuesday, May 22, we will have practice 5-6 pm at the LHS track. I expect a special guest speaker to talk to the kids for a few minutes at the beginning of practice.

Thursday, May 24, we will have practice 5-6 pm at the Wolf Swamp fields.


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