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Reminder: Cross Country Race Saturday Morning at 8:30

Track parents-

Just a reminder that our cross country race will be Saturday morning at 8:30 at the Wolf Swamp fields. The race is open to parents and siblings. You will need to arrive at 8:15 to sign up and sign the waiver. The kids in the program just need to show up--no need for numbers. They should wear their color T-shirts or white singlet.

Group 1 will do a 1K (1000m) course, and everyone else will do the 2K (2000m) course.

Next week, we have a really busy week. The middle schoolers are going to Amherst on the bus on May 31. Sign up is open on the website for that. June 2 is our regular track meet at LHS against Ludlow. Sign up is open now on the website. Deadline is Wednesday, May 30 at 5 pm.


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