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Order of Events for Tomorrow

Track parents-

We are looking forward to a great meet tomorrow with Ludlow. Below is the order of events. Be sure to wear the white singlet with the bib number on the front. We have an extra set of bib numbers if you have lost yours--just arrive early to get your bib number and put in on.

Be sure to have a full quart of water and sunscreen tomorrow!

Order of Events

Running Events:

1600m (all groups) (begin at 9:00)

Group 1 200m

Group 2 200m

Group 3 200m

Group 4 200m

Group 1 400m

Group 2 400m

Group 3 400m

Group 4 400m

Group 1 100m

Group 2 100m

Group 3 100m

Group 4 100m

Field Events

Group 4 Long Jump (begin at 9:00)

Group 3 Long Jump

Group 2 Long Jump

Group 1 Long Jump

Group 2 Shot Put (begin at 9:00)

Group 3 Shot Put

Group 4 Shot Put

Group 1 Shot Put

Group 3 Turbo Javelin (begin at 9:00)

Group 4 Turbo Javelin

Group 1 Turbo Javelin

Group 2 Turbo Javelin


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