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USATF Meet and this week

Track Parents-

This week we will have practice on Tuesday and Thursday at LHS 5-6 pm (no Monday extra session) for only the kids doing the USATF meet on Saturday in Fitchburg.

If you have not registered for the USATF meet and intend to do so, time is short. Go to the website,, under the USATF meet tab for all the details, but you need to become a USATF member first, which involves registering online and then verifying age with a birth certificate. And then you register on Our kids will be running as unattached because our program is not an official USATF club. The deadline for registering on is June 12 (Tuesday) at 8 pm.

If you are planning to go to the USATF meet and have not told me, please do so. Thanks!

Results from Saturday's meet to be posted soon.


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