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USATF Meet Results and Regional Qualifiers

USATF parents-

I will be posting the results to the website and sending out an email to the program as a whole about the great performances we saw at the USATF meet on Saturday, but I wanted to get the full results to you ASAP. They are attached as a Word document to this email.

The regional meet will be in NYC July 14-15. USATF website says July 12-15, but July 12 & 13 (Thursday and Friday) have always been for multi-event competitions, i.e., the pentathlon, which our kids aren't doing.

I will not be there even though Burleigh qualified in the shot put--we will be on our family vacation in Iceland that week. I have been at the regional USATF meet the last few years with Ada and Burleigh, and it will be similar to the Fitchburg meet, except the states of NY, Maine, and CT will also be there, and the competition will be greater. Kids who finished in the top 8 in their event(s) at Fitchburg qualify for the NYC meet. The top 5 at the USATF regional meet in NYC qualify for the USATF national meet. Burleigh made it to the national meet last year in the shot and 800 in the 7-8 age group--so it is not impossible!

For the kids who qualified, you won't have to decide immediately whether you want to do the USATF regional meet--the registration probably isn't even up yet. However, if they do want to compete, their training should continue. The NYC meet is 4 weeks away (it usually is 3 weeks after the Fitchburg meet), and that's a lot of time for de-conditioning to set in. If you and your child are interested, please email me back. Cari and I (and I will even beckon Hans from China for throwers) can give you workout schedules they can do on their own to stay in shape. I can also try to point you to a local track meet to do in the intervening weeks so they can stay sharp. This is what I did last year with Burleigh as we had 6 weeks of training between Fitchburg and the eventual national meet. If you need equipment from the program, I can lend that to you.

If you think two and a half months of track is enough, that's totally up to you, I just want to let you know that we are here to support you if your child wants to go to the next level.


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