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Track this week--Sign Up Open

Track Parents-

Sign ups are open for the Thursday, April 25 Middle School meet against Suffield and the Saturday, April 27 meet at LHS for all groups. Deadline for both sign-ups is Wednesday, April 24.

Tuesday's practice will be at LHS for all groups. Thursday's practice will be at LHS for elementary school athletes only; middle schoolers will be at the Suffield meet.

We have received the extra T-shirts and singlets we needed. This week, Leanne McQuade will have T-shirts and singlets are available for those who did not receive them, and for the most recent registrations. Look for her after practice or at Saturday's meet. Please also see Leanne if your T-shirt or singlet does not fit and need to make an exchange.

Logistical Information on Suffield Meet

Here is the logistical information for the Thursday Middle School Meet at Suffield:

The bus will first pick up our athletes at Birchland Park at around 2:15. The bus will then go to Glenbrook Middle School for the 2:50 dismissal. The bus will make a last pick-up at Williams Middle School at approximately 3:00. The bus is "Five Star" Bus.

After the meet, the bus will return the kids back to the schools in reverse order: Williams, Glenbrook, Birchland Park. I estimate we will get back around 6:30. I will email parents to let them know when we leave Suffield.

What to Wear to School and What to Bring

The kids should have their shorts and white singlets on and be ready to run when they get on the bus. I am told that at least for Glenbrook and Williams (and this should be a safe assumption for Birchland Park) that the kids cannot just wear their singlets in school. They can wear a T-shirt under the singlet, or they can wear a T-shirt over the singlet in school and then take the T-shirt off before the race. Either way, show your pride in our track team! As always, bring a quart water bottle.

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