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Bement Invitational, Monday Extra Session, and Results

Track Parents-

Your kids ran, threw, and jumped well on Saturday vs. Wilbraham. The folks from Wilbraham appreciated our hospitality, and our kids showed good sportsmanship. The results are on the website with the team scores (we outscored Wilbraham) and also the individual high scorers.

Monday Extra Session (May 6) @ LHS

Hans and I will be offering the first optional Monday extra session for Group 3 and 4 distance runners and throwers of all groups tomorrow at LHS at 5pm. This is an opportunity to improve in these events.

May 11: Bement (middle school) and LHS meet (elem)

On May 11, the middle schoolers will be going to the Eaglebrook School in Deerfield for the Bement Invitational. This is a very well-run and longstanding event, and it's great that we have the opportunity to be part of it. Information about the meet and the sign-up form is on the website. There is a hard deadline of Thursday at 6pm for sign-up because I need to submit our entries to the organizers. We'll be carpooling to this event, so please email me if you have an extra seat in your car.

For our elementary school kids, we will be doing an intra-program meet on May 11. The sign-up for that is up on the website, and the deadline, as usual, is Wednesday at 7pm.

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